65th Annual Meeting of the French Economic Association

The French Economic Association (Association Française de Science Economique/AFSE) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1950. It aims at promoting exchange of knowledge and participation of its members in public debates on economic policies. It is open to all economists, whether they work in universities, public research organizations, Government bodies or private companies.

The AFSE holds a three-day annual meeting to present papers on economic subjects. The 65th congress will be held in Nancy, France, on June 27-29, 2016, organized by the BETA, Bureau for Economic Theory and Applications.

Papiers présentés par des membres du CRIEF :

  • Marc POURROY « Breaking the Swiss Franc peg: afraid of financial losses? » co-écrit avec Julien Pinter, Université de Bruxelles.
  • Alexandra POPESCU « Monetary Policy and Long-Run Risk-Taking » co-écrit avec G. Colletaz et G. Levieuge.


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